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Drug addiction

Drug addiction is a very serious health condition. Our professional staff is always ready to act and drug addicts will be safe in our hands. Dealing with drug addicts is one of our regular services and we’re specialized in it.

Alcohol addiction

Just like drug addiction, alcohol addiction is one of the most widespread addictions in the world and if it is not treated it can become lethal. We are fully equipped for such situations and we have programs for such treatments.

Mental health

Mental health is as important as the physical. People with mental disorders need professional help and if treated timely, their condition can drastically improve. Our medical institution has the necessary means to treat all sorts of mental disorders and illnesses.

Outpatient treatment

Most of the time, if a patient’s condition is not seriously endangered, a few treatments can help. Our outpatient treatment program is the most successful in such cases and patients don’t need to spend the night in the medical institution.

About rehab Florida

Florida rehab center is a fully equipped medical institution that is fully capable of facilitating patients who suffer from drug addiction, alcohol addiction and mental health disorders and illnesses. We have special outpatient treatment programs where a patient is not required to spend a night in our rehab center but rather can come every day to receive the treatment, depending on the diagnosis. We take good care of our patients.

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