Since our inception in 1998, Redeemed remains an organization with world-class service and a hometown commitment.  The infrastructure of our achievement is 19 years of cooperative efforts and the confidence of the court system. The detention facilities, families and the community.

Our team is dedicated to the well-being, safety and care of our community and the citizens assigned to our management. On behalf of federal, state, and local government agencies. Our knowledgeable team use their expertise to provide the best quality service, to ensure that each of our service units provides the high-level service that our clients require, while seamlessly enforcing the legal sanctions that are in place. Recently, we have been working on numerous ways and programs to help drug addicts and people who went through rehabilitation. It’s our duty to help those individuals get back into the society.

We are pleased you have chosen to visit us, and we are honored to serve this community and the citizens of the State of Florida. If we may assist you please contact us.