Fidget spinners have taken the world by storm over the night, literally. Well, as a fully new concept in treating alcohol and drug addicts, many centers and clinics are using fidget spinners for anxiety in recovery process and programs.


Even though it has not been medically proven whether fidget spinners can actually treat anxiety and help problematic drinkers and drug abusers beat their addiction, the rehab center representatives decided to give it a ”spin” in order to see how it goes.

Even though it looked pretty much useless at first, they noticed that there is something to it. When a situation gets really difficult for an addict, that is when a fidget spinner actually can help a lot. Fidget spinners for anxiety in recovery work pretty simple.

A fidget spinner diverts the addict’s attention from the situation to the toy, helping the patient to relax from all the pressure they constantly feel because of the treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Such a therapy is known as the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is a very common therapy in mental institutions. It helps to resolve the anxiety and psychological difficulties that the patients have when dealing with the treatments. Such therapy has numerous benefits for the patients and it helps them to solve their problems with anxiety and distress from not being able to take the drugs they so depend on.


When the addict is faced with such situation, their brain starts giving them signals. And they start panicking because the only thing they feel in that moment is the need to use the drug. And how the drug is the only thing that can make them feel better. That anxiety can be so hard that they can become extremely aggressive and even start hallucinating and having visions.

In such cases, these situations can sometimes be resolved. By simply giving a fidget spinner for anxiety in recovery to a patient. Still, since this is still a new concept. It works for some people but it does not work for the others. A fidget spinner hardly has any therapeutical properties but it can be helpful as the first step towards rehab.