The value of healthy self-worth in recovery is absolutely paramount for a successful rehabilitation. Feelings like your life have been stripped away from you, shame, self-pity, worthlessness, uselessness and helplessness are the most common feelings that all alcoholics and addicts experience during their recovery.

Alcoholics and addicts

All that remorse and shame from so many of the past mistakes literally haunt the alcoholics and addicts and they can’t stop blaming themselves for everything that has happened when they were addicted.


That sense of having no worth at all is where they truly start to believe. That they are nothing and nobody cares about them. Such thoughts and constant reassuring in the fact. That they don’t worth a bit get them to the bottom of despair.

Only former addicts know how long and hard is the path from the depths of despair and hell to a happy life filled with purpose, optimism, hope and satisfaction. Well, that is where The value of healthy self-worth in recovery kicks in.


Everything starts with that moment when addicts and alcoholics start wondering how they could be of any assistance. The 12 steps rehabilitation programs work just fine in both cases. And they can help transform a drug or alcohol abuser from an addict to a fully responsible person. That is willing to help others to the maximum of their ability.

The problem with the addiction and the addicts is that they can’t get out of themselves. Since everything revolves around their addiction and the need to get high or drunk. There is no room for anything else. Such self-oriented way of life makes these alcohol and drug abusers live a life of solitude with no one to look after them. But this drastically changes when they discover something like a purpose.

It is just the feeling of being of service to others but most importantly that a person trusts them, helps them to recover from their own demons and become better members of society. These persons are just looking for closure and understanding most of the time. Having a chance to serve in the helping of other. People is a chance to get their life back in their own eyes.